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The Reasoning Show is a new venture undertaken by David Quinn,  Kevin Solway and Dan Rowden (now involved in other projects), co-founders of Genius Forum.  It consists of  audio recordings of philosophical discussions between participants from around the world.  The discussions are recorded via the audio conferencing facility within Skype and subsequently made available to the public for free as MP3 podcasts and downloads.

The central aim of The Reasoning Show is to promote rationality in the world. The discussions will be conducted in a cordial and non-academic manner, while remaining highly logical and full of purpose. The aim, with the help of our guests, is to use our collective reasoning powers to dig to the very bottom of what people believe and uncover what is ultimately true in life.

Guests will include philosophers, scientists, theologians, monks, authors, spiritual teachers, experienced religious practitioners, psychologists, feminists, environmentalists, atheists, comedians, and anyone else of interest.

[Note: due to connection load the sound quality of podcasts may vary.]

Future Guests

Although our main aim is to have high-profile guests on the show - i.e. published authors, website authors, intellectual crusaders, acknowledged experts, well-regarded spiritual teachers, and so on - we are open to hosting anyone who is philosophically interesting. If you think you would make an interesting guest on the show, please feel free to contact me at Note that you would need to have access to a good computer which has the free software program Skype installed, a broadband connection and a headset or equivalent.

The Hour of Judgment Radio Series

In 1995, Kevin Solway and David Quinn hosted a twenty-part philosophical series called The Hour of Judgment, aired on local radio in Brisbane, Australia. With a format loosely similar to the one being proposed for The Reasoning Show, rational discussion was conducted with academic philosophers, Buddhist teachers, Zen Masters, physicists, monks, theologians, seminary priests, feminists, New Age preachers, clinical psychologists and environmentalists. Notable guests included Professor Paul Davies, physicist and author of "The Mind of God" and "God and the New Physics", and Roselyn Stone, a Canadian Zen Master.

Transcripts of the Hour of Judgment series can be located HERE.

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To gain a detailed description of each podcast and see a bio of our guests just click on the podcast title or the relevant link.  Transcripts for these podcasts will be made available as soon as possible after each release.

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