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Genius News is a monthly newsletter based on the world's most rational email and web forums: Genius-L (now defunct) and Genius Forum. These are forums passionately dedicated to the nature of genius, wisdom and Ultimate Reality and to the total annihilation of false values.  They are unconventional discussions lists suitable only for the brave hearted.   It is for those who like their thoughts bloodied and dangerous.   They are not lists for the feminine minded.

Each edition of Genius News will feature some of the most inspired passages, dialogues and quotes from the previous month's postings to Genius-L and Genius Forum, as well as editorials, list archival material, cartoons, and other assorted witticisms.  As with the forums themselves, the aim is to make you think.  And not only that, but to encourage you to strive for ultimate wisdom and perfection.  There is surely no goal more important than this.

As each new edition is released, it will be added to this web site. Hopefully, within a year or two, there will be a virtual library (in every sense) of the loftiest and most inspiring material any would-be sage is likely to discover.  

The newsletter has a number of goals:   

  • to disseminate wise ideas.

  • to provide information and quality material to those, who, for whatever reason, are unable to participate in the discussion list itself but who nevertheless like to witness the unfolding of infinite intelligence. And, of course, it's a source of bounty and inspiration for anyone interested in the ideal of wisdom.  

  • to encourage idealism and reason and dissuade people from the conventional values of modern society with all its emotion, intellectual shams and mediocrity.

  • to encourage the development of individuality and genius.


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