This site is devoted to stimulating people’s minds with deeper forms of logic and unusual lines of thought. The aim is to take you, the reader, out of your comfort zone by interfering with your habitual ways of viewing the world, allowing you to make new conceptual connections and uncover greater insight into life. Given the depraved state of the world today, I dearly want people to be more rational in their lives and more conscious in everything they do. But above all, I want to awaken them to a great, timeless wisdom that is known by very few.

As for my qualifications, I am a deep thinker with over twenty-five years experience. I do not possess a title or have letters after my name, nor am I affiliated with any organization, religious or otherwise. I am simply a solitary individual who has reasoned earnestly and opened his mind to the truth.

My qualifications are there in the words I write. If what I write is truthful and insightful, if it resonates with you and makes you want to explore wisdom further, then that is surely enough. Letters and titles are superfluous to the path to wisdom. It is the here and now that counts – naked before the world with only your reason to guide you. That is where all truth resides.

I plan to make this site a long-term venture, with regular articles. If you want to keep up with what is going on, you can subscribe via the RSS feed or by email. You can also participate on the site by adding comments and engaging in discussion with others, but please note that you have to be signed in for this to happen.

Special thanks to Matt Gregory for his expertise in the technical side of things. Without his help in making the site both stylish and functional, it would never have got off the ground in the first place. Or at least not for a very long time. He has done a great job, which is very much appreciated.

If you have any queries or concerns about the site, feel free to contact me at ozricweininger@gmail.com.

David Quinn