Genius Realms is a non-academic resource base for those dedicated to the goal of Enlightenment.


The Reasoning Show

A series of philosophical podcasts the central aim of which is to promote rationality in the world with discussions conducted in a cordial and non-academic manner, while remaining highly logical and full of purpose. The aim is to use our collective reasoning powers to dig to the very bottom of what people believe and uncover what is ultimately true in life.

Genius Forum

Genius is a discussion forum that is passionately dedicated to the nature of Genius, Wisdom and Ultimate Reality and to the total annihilation of false values. It is an unconventional discussion forum suitable only for the brave hearted. It is for those who like their thoughts bloodied and dangerous.

Genius News

Genius News is a monthly newsletter based on the world's most intelligent email and web forums: Genius-L (now defunct) and Genius Forum.

David Quinn's Site

David Quinn is a highly logical thinker who spends his days immersing himself in the Infinite.    His aim in life is to awaken as many people as possible to this marvelous reality, which he sometimes calls God or Tao.  Check out David's content today!  It contains his own literary output plus quality resource links.

The Thinking Man's Minefield

Truth, thinking, philosophy, genius. Welcome to The Thinking Man's Minefield.  If you are interested in thinking then I am happy to tell you that you have stumbled on a gold mine!

Genius Realms Blog

This site is devoted to stimulating people’s minds with deeper forms of logic and unusual lines of thought. The aim is to take you, the reader, out of your comfort zone by interfering with your habitual ways of viewing the world, allowing you to make new conceptual connections and uncover greater insight into life.

Men of the Infinite

Dan Rowden's Youtube Channel.  Over 60 videos.

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